Review: The Dark War (The Dark War #1) by Angela Addams

The Dark War - Angela Addams

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I’ve been wanting to try Angela Addams for a while. When I saw a new series on NetGalley, I thought this was a great time to give her a try.


Kali Richards is a witch and a witch hunter. She has turned her back on her people after a traumatic event that left her two sisters dead. She goes after witches who are doing evil things. Some of witch hunter brethren feel that pretty much any witch is a bad witch. They want to kill all of the ones that don’t work for the Hunter’s Union.


Kali is going after a witch who killed another witch for the dead witch’s family. It seems that Kali is a bit over her head. Kali is not a great spell caster. She uses her shear strength as her advantage. She is also a great tracker. She is able to follow a witch’s magic trail to find them. Ivana, the witch that Kali believes killed the witch, is more than she seems. She is also extremely powerful. Kali almost gets herself killed several times on this case.


Wyatt shows up just in the knick of time to save Kali from a group of vampires. He is Kali’s ex-boyfriend. They did not end things on a good note, but there’s still chemistry there too. Wyatt has some healing powers, so he is able to heal Kali after the vampires almost drain her. Wyatt also has several secrets that come out throughout the book. One of which is a real doozy.


There is also Billy, who is a human who works at the Witch Hunter’s Union. Billy is a nice guy and treats Kali really well. He is everything that Wyatt is not. He does have a crush on Kali and had for a while. This didn’t come out until partway through this book and Kali had no idea. It seemed like there might be a love triangle, but by the end of the book, maybe not. I won’t say no, but looks unlikely. I hope not.


There is also some other secondary characters that I enjoyed. Sam and Clive also work for the Witch Hunter’s Union. Sam is a witch too. Clive is her partner. They are a fun pair. Drake is a seer who makes an appearance. I think he will have a larger part to play later in the series. Kali’s mom and dad are also a larger part of the story. Both see predictions, but with different degrees of success. Kali’s mom is usually pretty accurate, her dad, is rarely accurate.


Overall, I enjoyed the story. I liked the action of the war and investigating the murder of the witch girl, which wasn’t everything it seemed. I think this series with the war has a lot of potential. I was not a fan of the romance between Kali and Wyatt or the possibility of a love triangle thrown in with Billy. I thought Kali and Wyatt have some pretty large communication issues. Wyatt has a hard time showing any feelings at all and that has caused some issues with Kali, and rightly so. The book ends on a pretty big cliffhanger, so I think I will have to check out the next book to see where this story goes.


**Book was provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley. This review is my opinion and was not requested or provoked in anyway.


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