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Hold You Against Me: A Stripped Standalone - Skye Warren

If you're new the Stripped series by Skye Warren, it is a dark, but passionate series. We actually meet Clara and Giovanni in Tough Love, a prequel to this series that came out last year with book one which is about Clara's sister. They were both raised as the daughters of a Vegas mafia capo. However, Honor, was the beloved daughter. Not only was she the older daughter, but she was also the only biological daughter of the evil capo. Clara was very obviously not related to her dark haired father with her strawberry blond hair. She was not treated as good as her sister, but neither were treated like the princesses of fairy tales.


In book one, we learn that they escape their father and the mafia life, only to still have a difficult life, but things are looking up. Clara is now in art school. She is hired to sculpt a statue for the front of The Grand (the former strip club, now burlesque club that this series is centered around). This has her way more public than she has been in years.


Giovanni is the son of a foot soldier in the mafia. He was raised that he would never rise higher than that in the family. He had a forbidden love for the daughter of the head of the family. When the two sisters decide to run, he sacrificed himself so that they could escape. He went through hell because he was loyal to the girls. Now that he has moved up quite a bit in position in the family, he needs to do things to hold that position. He also decides that now is the time to go after the girl that he has loved since he was just a boy.


This is a very dark story. It has a lot of things in it you would expect from a mafia book (though I haven't read a large number of mafia books, so I'm really not a good judge). I will admit that there is a scene early in the book that is actually told from Giovanni's POV, it was a very tough one to read. Most of the book was told from Clara's POV. If you've read Skye Warren and enjoyed her work, you will love this one. This is a darker story. They way these two come together is not all hearts and flowers, but I think it is still a very passionate story. This one is my favorite in this series so far.


While I love all the books in this series and highly recommend all of them, I do believe that you could read this story first or as a stand alone. You might miss a little bit about some of the side characters who have had their own books before, but not enough that you wouldn't enjoy this story.


**Book was provided to me by the author. This review is my opinion and was not requested or provoked in anyway by the author.


Hold You Against Me by Skye Warren


Hold You Against Me — Excerpt


Something moves me gently, constant and rhythmic like waves. I'm warm. There's something soft curling around my arms, wrapped inside my fists. Padding beneath my cheek that smells like home.


An unnatural darkness weighs down on me, keeping me from waking up—a demon's whisper in my ear. You're warm, you're safe. Sleep.

But something is wrong.


I remember falling asleep, so suddenly, remember drinking water that I hadn't filled. And I remember the phone call from Amy telling me that Giovanni's alive. Impossible.


Awareness pricks my skin like a cold breeze. Wherever I am, I'm not alone.

I blink rapidly, forcing my eyes open. They adjust to the darkness quickly, taking in the tinted windows on either side and the wide leather bench curving beneath me. I'm in a car. A limo, to be exact. And it's moving.


On the opposite side of the long space, a large body reclines. I can see the wide stance of his legs, the pale white of his shirt. A suit jacket tossed beside his hip. His face is hidden in the shadows of the vehicle.


I was raised by the head of the Las Vegas mafia, the capo. I grew up around guns and violence, so I know when a man is armed. It's the way he holds himself, the warning shimmering around him like a dark halo.


This man is armed and extremely dangerous.


Every muscle in my body tenses. My mind still swims in thick water, because I must have been drugged. He drugged me, this faceless man. Why did he take me? It won't be anything good, that's for sure.


Even worse, I suspect this has something to do with my past, with my family. It's messed up that I'd rather be taken by some random psycho. But at least then I'd have a chance of getting away.


"Who are you?" I demand, my voice hoarse from whatever drugs they gave me.

There's a long pause, the weight of his regard as heavy as a finger trailing down my neck.


"Have I really changed that much, bella, that you don't recognize me?"




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