Audiobook Review: Python's Embrace (Bitten Point #3) by Eve Langlais

Python's Embrace: Bitten Point, Book 3 - Tantor Audio, Eve Langlais, Chandra Skyye

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In the continuation of the Bitten Point series, we have Constantine, brother to Caleb, the hero of the first book, Croc’s Return. Constantine happens across a muddy mess of a girl in the swap while he is walking his little dog, Princess. He offers to take her back to the house to get cleaned up. Once she is clean, he realized that she is the girl that everyone’s been searching for. He’s also quite drawn to her, but snakes are not known for staying around, just ask his father who has been MIA since before his birth.


Aria is on the run, but she’s also got some amnesia. Some things are coming back in bits and pieces. Aria is quite drawn to Constantine, but his little dog will have none of it. She is quite the jealous little thing.


The suspense in this story continues to go forward at a great pace. We learn even more about the strange hybrids running around town. We also learn more about who is behind them. There is some time spent with some of the characters of previous books, mostly the guys, but some of the girls too. We are also introduced to the couple that will be in the next, and what I think is the final book in this series. I would recommend reading this series in order. I know many PNR books, you can read however, but suspense part of this series does build on the previous books, so there, you would be a little bit lost.

“Who are you?” “Constantine Xavier Boudreaux.” She blinked. “Wow, that’s a mouthful.” Only too late did she realize how that sounded, and judging by the grin stretching his lips, so did he. “More than a mouthful, and handful.”

“Why the eff are you stripping right now?” Aria yelled, not having run away as he told her to.
“Gonna unleash my mighty snake.”
“That better not be a reference to your dick.”


Chandra Skyye has done a great job with narration of this book. Not only did she continue do a great job with the male and female voices. She also had to handle the snake that spoke to Constantine in his head with the long s’s. Also, there is a lot of dialogue of the hybrid characters. She did a great job with their narrations.