Audiobook Review: Bitter Bite (Elemental Assassin, #14) by Jennifer Estep

Bitter Bite: Elemental Assassin, Book 14 - Audible Studios, Jennifer Estep, Lauren Fortgang

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After fourteen books in the series, and Gin is still going strong. This series has been going strong since book one and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. While this book is more Finn’s book than Gin’s, it is still told entirely from Gin’s first person POV, which gives it an interesting take on the story.


When a supposedly dead relative appears back in Ashland and in Finn’s life, you can see how it would affect Finn. I can also see why Finn responded the way that he did. I mean, you don’t want to think that every person who comes to town, is doing so for nefarious reasons, when you could be the reason. When you grow up with a hole in your life and all of sudden, you see a chance to get that hole filled, who would want to see the downsides?


Gin, on the other hand, couldn’t help but see the coincidence in the situation. Bria also noticed that something was off with our new visitor to Ashland. Gin continued to be her protective and loyal family member to Finn whether he liked it or not. Plus, she had the warning from Fletcher to help her, who continues to be a very large secondary character in this series.


I will say that Jennifer Estep’s ability to come up with new villains for Gin to fight continues to amaze me. They are all unique in the own way. They all require Gin to learn new ways to tackle their villainous ways. This one was particularly difficult for Gin and required her to rely on her magic more than she ever has in her past. We even learn more about the past of Mab Monroe and even Eira Snow. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here with the information that we learn towards the end of this book.



Lauren Fortgang continues to do a fantastic job with the narration of this series. This is a series that I started off reading, but once I listened one of the books, I’ve been audio only ever since. She does such a great job with all the different Southern voices of both men and women, she really adds to the story. I think in this story in particular, I could really see Deidre Shaw for the fake that she really was based off her voice alone. LOL. If you haven’t tried this series on audio, I highly recommend you give it a try.