Audiobook Review: Fangs for the Memories (Half-Moon Hollow 0 - prequel) by Molly Harper

Fangs for the Memories - Molly Harper, Amanda Ronconi

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This book is label as part of the Half Moon Hollow series, but it really takes place during the time of the Jane Jameson series. It takes a look at how Andrea and Dick Cheney became an item.


The vampire Dick Cheney has been a fan favorite for a while. He is one of my favorites as well. He is not the type of guy you want to take home to mom, which his inappropriate t-shirts, pervy comments and less than legal business dealing. But, Dick is one of the most loyal friends you will ever find.


This was not the story that I thought it would be. Dick Cheney is usually surrounded with inappropriateness and humor, but that was not the case in this story. This novellas had a lot less laugh out loud moments than the standard Molly Harper story. That didn’t make Fangs for the Memories any less enjoyable. I loved seeing the softer side of the vampire Dick Cheney. I also liked hearing more of Andrea’s back story.


I knew Andrea’s story was not a good story, but I guess I didn’t realize she had it as bad as she did. Being the person that Andrea is, she didn’t show how bad things got and always looked at the silver lining of her life. She took her bad situation and made the best of it and made some really great friends along the way.


Even though this is listed as a Half Moon Hollow series book, it is a must read for Jane Jameson fans. That being said, I think the entire Half Moon Hollow series is anyway. I love the entire clan of people that we’ve met in Half Moon Hollow. They are crazy and fun. Coming from a small town in the South (though to my knowledge, mine was free of supernaturals and was way more boring), I do see many of the similarities. This is a fun series that is alway great for a pick-me-up.



Amanda Ronconi is the perfect person for the narration of this series. She does an amazing job of bringing out the snarkiness of each character. I have listened to all of the Molly Harper books that she has narrated and I just can’t imagine reading them. Her narration really adds to the already fun stories.