REVIEW: Roaring Up the Wrong Tree (Grayslake #3) by Celia Kyle

Roaring Up the Wrong Tree - Celia Kyle

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This author has been tackling tough subjects with this series. The previous book talked about domestic abuse of a secondary character. This book is no different. The heroine is half hyena. In previous books in the series the bear and wolf pack have had very bad run-ins with hyenas. They decided to run all hyenas out of their territory in a move called a “purge”.


Trista is half hyena. She has lived a tough life trying to follow rules in a world that she really doesn’t fit in. Even the hyena pack treated her poorly. Once her father died, she had the little bit of protection she had, stripped from her. Her half-brother is now in charge of the hyenas and he doesn’t like her.


Keen is seen as a happy youngest brother of the Abrams brothers. Looks can be deceiving though. Keen had a rough childhood. He did something that he now has to live with. His punishment was stiff and probably only made things worse. Now his bear just wants to kill everyone. Add to the fact that everyone keeps treating his fated mate like she is the scourge of the earth. Even his family is treating her badly.


This story was interesting. Normally this series has been mostly a fun-loving series. This story didn’t have the giggle moments that I’m used to in the previous books. There were a few here and there. Mostly this book touched on some tough subjects. It was interesting to see characters that I’ve come to enjoy, act like bigots towards a new character because of the way the pack of her species had acted, not because of her actions. Now I read this book before what happened in Paris and the book was written long before this all started. But, the story does hit very close to home.


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