Review: All Roar and No Bite (Grayslake #2) by Celia Kyle

All Roar and No Bite - Celia Kyle

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Lauren is a human. She doesn’t have much, but she works for what she has and is extremely loyal and protective of her friend. She also has an extreme problem with authority. Her best friend is married to an abusive asshole, but not just any asshole, the town mayor. She has made it her job to get her friend out of this relationship and to safety.


Van is a werebear and completely hates humans. He has no qualms about hiding his prejudice. He is also the enforcer to the pack of werebears and part of the local law enforcement. He shows up at the mayor’s house as an officer of the law to break up the fight between Lauren and her baseball bat and the mayor. Van gets a whiff of the her and realizes that Lauren is her mate.


This isn’t a bad story, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as the first story in this series. First, I’m not a fan of the fact that Lauren’s friend does the abused girlfriend that chooses to continue to get abused over and over and doesn’t want to press charges. She does finally leave the mayor in this book, but he had put her in the hospital several times before she is finally convinced to leave. Second, Van’s hatred towards humans. While he does have a reason for his hatred, I would think it is something that would be upsetting, but not enough in my opinion for this amount of hatred.


All in all, I still enjoyed the story. I still see this as being a good series. I still love the characters. The heroine is kickass and very loyal. There is also a large part with the little bear cub, Parker, from the first book. The scene with Lauren watching Mia talk to this little bear and not knowing about werebears is pretty funny. I’m really excited to read the next story.


I think you could read this book without having read the previous book, though I would recommend book one over this one.



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