Audiobook Review: Swan and the Bear by Eve Langlais

Swan and the Bear - Audible Studios, Eve Langlais, Abby Craden

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Another wonderful read/listen by Eve Langlais. She never fails to bring humor to my day when I’m listening to her stories. Swan and the Bear picks up where the previous story leaves off. Our hero is the brother of book one’s hero. Mason is less grumpy and more fun-loving than his brother. He is known as a ladies’ man. He has always had fun with this, that is until he meets Jessie.


Jessie is a geek and a swan working among a bunch of mammals at FUC. She is running from her arranged marriage. She is actually a swan princess and her father is trying to marry her to a prince to get a new ally. She is also half Australian black swan.


There is still the evil genius trying to kidnap and run experiments on shifters. FUC is trying to track him down. He is also setting all of his focus on Miranda from Bunny and the Bear, after he sees her shifted form (hehehe). Mason takes it as his goal to protect Jessie after she is almost kidnapped. Jessie wants no part of it.


Jessie is very attracted to the big bear, but she has no intention of being another notch on his bedpost. She doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t want to let her out of his site. She also doesn’t like how much she is attracted to the bear.


This is another very quick and fun listen by Eve. It is will make you laugh out loud on more than one occasion with lots of fun jokes about prehensile lips and other sexual innuendo. Let’s not forget Mason’s obsession with Yogi Bear and picnic baskets. This series has been a great series to slip between the horror books that I’ve been reading up to Halloween.

Even the temptation hidden in a stolen picnic basket didn’t excite him as much as the thought of touching or tasting her did. Campers everywhere would rejoice.


Abby Craden did a great job with narration once again. I love all of her voices for all the different characters. They all seem to fit their personalities. I never question which character is talking. The tone and pace is perfect for me.


I like to thank Audible Studios for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.