Review: Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops #1) by Paige Tyler

Her Perfect Mate - Paige Tyler

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I’ve been wanting to try Paige Tyler for a long time. I finally picked up book one in her X-Ops series. I don’t know why it took me so long. I really enjoyed it.


We have Landon who is pulled of a very important mission in Afghanistan and told to go back stateside for a different mission. He isn’t given any details. He isn’t happy about leaving his team for what he feels has to be a paper pushing job at the Pentagon. He is trying to figure out what he did wrong to deserve the change in assignment.


Ivy doesn’t have good luck with military partners. They look down on her. Her most recent partner got himself killed because he wouldn’t listen to her. She is really not happy about the next one to come into the program to partner up with her. She is part of Department of Covert Operations. She is known as a EVA, extremely valuable asset. She is a shifter. Even in this unit designed for shifters, they are still looked at as lesser. They must be partnered with a human.


I loved the chemistry between Ivy and Landon. They had to fight to come together. Neither really trusted the other. They were willing to work together for the common goal. They made a great team. I really enjoyed the mixture of suspense and romantic tension between the characters. I liked several of the secondary characters.


My biggest gripe was the Ivy starts off a bit whiny with a need to have approval of Landon, even though she doesn’t really approve of him. I know not all heroines can be tough as nails, badass from the get go, but she had some real issues. She does get better by the end of the book. I see this series have a ton of potential. I can’t wait to pick up the next book in this series.



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