Audiobook Review: The Virgin (The Original Sinners: #7) by Tiffany Reisz

The Virgin: Original Sinners: The White Years, Book 3 - Tiffany Reisz, Elizabeth Hart

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This series continues to blow me away. In this story, we start with Nora, Søren and the gang at castle in Scotland preparing for a wedding. Then Søren, Kingsley and Nora start to reminisce about what happened the year that Nora left Søren. Kingsley was also MIA that year. That was when he met Juliette.

“Tell me a secret you’ve never told me, and I’ll consider letting you come.”

“I fucked a nun at my mother’s convent,” Nora said, and Søren stopped moving. He pushed himself up and stared down at her.

“What?” she said, batting her eyelashes up at him in feigned innocence. “You asked.”

“Lesson learned.”

Go back many years and Kingsley has prepared Elle to run if ever she is required. There are several reasons she might have to run. Kingsley could piss off some dangerous person and could want revenge, the press could learn about Søren’s relationship with either of them or worst of all, Søren could lose control and truly injure her. If the last one was to take place, Elle was to take the duffel and money from the locker and not go to one of the safe houses, but somewhere neither could find her. Where is she to go? A convent, where no man could go.


Kingsley, when he figures out that Elle has fled because Søren went too far, he decides to leave, because he doesn’t want to help Søren to find her. He knew that if asked, he couldn’t say no to Søren, so he fled too. He started off just traveling around the world until he landed in Haiti. This is where he meets Juliette.


While at the convent Elle is forced to do laundry pretty much every day. She washes the sheets, she dries the sheets, she folds the sheets. She washes the habits, she dries the habits and she irons the habits. She compares her life to Sisyphus, rolling the rock up the hill for eternity. That is until a new nun joins the convent. Kyrie is a fun, young girl who joins the convent and is nothing what you think of a potential nun. She quickly befriends Elle and it isn’t long before the relationship is more than friends. Kyrie is also the one who pushes Elle to start to write.


The Virgin is my favorite story so far in the White Years. Tiffany Reisz continues to blow my mind with her abilities to tell great stories. Not only are they very sexy, but they are funny with characters you can’t help but love. I highly recommend this series, though I feel it must be read in order. I do believe that there are people who have started with the White Years (book 5 overall), and I think you could do that without issue. I started with the Red Years, but I’ve been a fan since the series started years ago.



Elizabeth Hart has been doing the narration for all the White Years books in the Original Sinners series. I was not a fan of her narration of The King, which is told exclusively from Kingsley’s point of view. Her French accent sounded a little cartoonish for me. It sounded better in this book, I don’t know if it is because there just wasn’t as much of it or if it has improved. I will say that I loved her voice for Kyrie. I think she nailed that character to a tee. I like her pacing and different voices for all the different characters.


I like to thank Tantor Media for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.