Audiobook Review: Ghost Light (Ivy Granger #2) by E.J. Stevens

Ghost Light: Ivy Granger, Volume 2 - E. J. Stevens, Traci Odom

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Ghost Light, as the second book in the Ivy Granger series, Ivy has made a lot changes in her life since we first met her in book one. She has learned that she is a fairy princess. Her father is Will-O-the-Wisp, king of the Wisps. She doesn’t remember her father, so this was a complete surprise when she learned this information late in the previous book. In this story, she learns what it means to be a fairy princess. She is dating Ceff, the Kelpie king. Lastly, her business has taken off after she saves the day in Shadow Sight.


This story starts with many of the fae showing up at her PI office because they are missing their children. Ivy has the task of trying to find all of these fae kids before anything happens to them. She also thinks she is seeing Ceff’s estranged lamia, or sea snake, wife around Harborsmouth. If that isn’t enough, she is having a hard time controlling her new fae powers and her skin keeps glowing when it is most inconvenient.


Ivy meets a new fae leader who is willing to align himself with her and help her along this journey. His name is Torn and he is a cat sidhe. He is a very mischievous cat at that, but I really like him. Ivy, Ceff and Jinx go to a fae club in Harborsmouth called Club Nexus to find Torn. This is when Ivy is forced to come out of the closet as a wisp princess. Club Nexus is an experience. Each of the different types of fae have their own little section set up just for them. It was a very interesting adventure just going through the club and seeing the politics.


Once again, I really enjoyed this part of Ivy’s life. We got to learn a lot about her father. She had to come some very hard truths. She even worked to patch up her relationship with her mother. Her relationship with Ceff continues to grow. They were even able to tough for the first time. I’ve really liked watching Ivy grow and can’t wait to get to the next books in the series.



I’ve really enjoyed Tracy Odom’s narration of this series. I think she does a great job bringing out all the different personalities of the different types of fae. I like her male and female voices and her pacing is perfect for me. I loved the voice that she did for the cat sidhe, Torn.


I like to thank E.J. Stevens for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.