Petals and Thorns by Jennifer Paris (aka Jeffe Kennedy)

Petals and Thorns - Jennifer Paris, Jeffe Kennedy

I met Jeffe Kennedy at RT for the first time in Dallas of this year. I sat through one of her panels was inspired to try one of her books. The panel was about drawing the line in consent in stories. The panel talked about how the line of consent in fictional stories can be different from what we would expect in real life. That line rings very true in this book. This book was mentioned a lot. It is an erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast.


Amarantha is forced to marry the Beast by her father to regain his wealth. If she does not consummate the marriage within seven days, her father gets the wealth returned. Amarantha is allowed to refuse intercourse, but everything else is fair game. And the Beast takes advantage of everything he is allowed. He does not give her a choice in anything but the final act to consummate the marriage.


This story is a very hot BDSM story. Amarantha is taken on a very seductive journey with the Beast. She learns that while the Beast is half man and half monster on the outside, he does have a good heart on the inside. He pushes her boundaries in many ways, but in the end, they are places she ends up enjoying and getting turned on. I think this bothers her more than the acts themselves. I also loved when Amarantha goes into the stable to find her father's horse that he abandoned because he felt she was of no use anymore. This horse thrived in the care of the beast who actually cared for the mare. Also, he makes even riding the horses a sexual torment.


While this book is short, it is very erotic. The Beast coming up with new and interesting ways to torment Amarantha each evening. He is a very dominate master, but he is also an attentive master. If you are a fan of erotic fairy tales, then you must add this one to your list. You won't regret it.


**Book was provided to me by the author. This review is my opinion and was not requested or provoked in anyway by the author.