#FitReader Check-in Week through July 24


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I track my steps using a FitBit. If you have a FitBit and want to be friends, here is my profile: https://www.fitbit.com/user/28YSVY. I also track calories via MyFitnessPal. If you want to be my friend there, http://www.myfitnesspal.com/profile/mlsimmons1977


Sat July 18: 6,431 steps +DailyBurn Stability and Mobility for 27 minutes burning 436 calories

Sun July 19: 4,366 steps (rest day)

Mon July 20: 17,133 steps + Horseback riding for 18 minutes, 161 calories

Tue July 21: 20,347 steps + Horseback riding for 55 minutes 515 calories

Wed July 22: 18,280 steps + Horseback riding for 62 minutes 582 calories

Thu July 23: 15,887 steps + Horseback riding for 34 minutes 327 calories

Fri July 24: 12,353 steps + Horseback riding for 56 minutes 531 calories


I'm loving the treadmill desk at work. I'm usually on it for an hour a day. I was really excited to get to do so much riding this week. I gave the horses off today. I'll be back at it tomorrow. I'm also really excited that I've lost 0.6 pounds. I've been having issues not losing, even with the extra exercise and tracking calories. Glad to see it finally coming off, even in small doses. :-)