Audiobook Review: Shadow Sight by E. J. Stevens

Shadow Sight - E.J. Stevens

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This is the first book that I’ve read or listened to by this author. I’ve seen several reviews that really peaked my interest, but never got around to picking them up. Then I hear that they were available on audio, which I can get through much faster than reading, as I can listen while working, so this worked perfectly for me. I’m so glad I was finally able to get to this series. Shadow Sight was a great start to the series.


Ivy Granger is a psychic detective. She also has some special powers. She can see things when she touches things. Some people might call this a gift. Ivy calls it a curse. She tends to see horrible things that happen to people who’ve touched an object. It makes things really hard for her. She doesn’t like to go out where she might touch someone else. She always wears long gloves to prevent skin contact. She also has the ability to see through glamour.


Ivy is surrounded by some pretty great friends. Jinx is Ivy’s roommate and business partner. She has the nickname because she is a clutz. She has bad luck wherever she goes. She is more of the people person and organizer of the business. Kaye is an elderly witch who helps to mentor Ivy. Ivy goes to her with supernatural questions and advice. There is also Hob, Kaye’s kitchen brownie and Marvin, a young troll who has a hard time in the story, but has a really big heart.


Ivy is hired by a demon to help find the kelpie king’s bridle. A kelpie’s bridle holds all their control. Steal a kelpie’s bridle and you have complete control over them. She works with a priest to help with the demon. She does a ton of leg work on the case while the priest and Jinx workout the contract, because demon contracts are from Hell.


I enjoyed the story. I thought the worldbuilding was phenomenal. There are several different kinds of fae. Some of which I was familiar with from other stories, others were new to me. I felt that they author gave enough information about each kind that I was never lost, even if I wasn’t aware of the mythology behind them. Some had very small parts in this story, I hope that I’ll be able to see more of them in future books. All in all, the book was a great read. There is a very light romance that might build going into future books, but not really anything to speak of in this one. There is enough action to keep you from being bored at any time.



This was the second time I listened to Traci Odom (first was Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley). I really enjoyed her narration of this book. I thought she did a great job with the vast array of characters. I really felt like she handle the many different types of creature voices really well. I always felt like I knew which character was talking. I liked her tone and pace. I listened to this at normal speed, but that is my preference in general.


I like to thank E.J. Stevens for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.