Audiobook Review: The Dragon Conspiracy by Lisa Shearin

The Dragon Conspiracy - Lisa Shearin, Johanna Parker

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I found Lisa Shearin and the SPI Files series in the Night Shift Anthology that I reviewed late last year. I instantly fell in love with Mackenna Frazier and the team at SPI. I found that I really enjoyed the world of supernaturals in New York City. Mak is a great character who continues to prove that she is one of the great heroines of the urban fantasy worlds, even if she still has a lot to learn.


In The Dragon Conspiracy, we are in New York a few months after the end of the previous book. Mak and her partner, Ian, are stalking out the Met as they keep an eye on some very power and cursed gemstones called Dragon Eggs. Each of these Eggs are very powerful on their own, put them in a collection, like we have here, and the power is almost limitless. Their job is to make sure no one steals these dangerous items. Of course, they are stolen anyway. We also get to meet a new type of supernatural in this book, Gorgons.


The mystery about who steals the eggs is great. There are tons of twists and turns. Plus, we continue to learn more about the eggs as the story progresses. I enjoyed watching Mak and Ian progress through the case and continue to become even better partners. As per the previous stories in this series, it is filled with a lot of humor. The characters are very well developed and continue to get more so with each book.


This is a series that I really feel you should read/listen to in order. I found that starting with the prequel in the Night Shift Anthology really helped me to get some background on Mak and SPI as an organization. That’s not to say you would be completely lost if you didn’t read them, but there is some backstory on the characters that you would miss, plus I think they are all great books and worth the read anyway. I’m very excited to get to the next book in this series.



Once again, I think Johanna Parker has done a great job with series. She is one of my favorite narrators for a series with humor. She has a great ability to make a funny story even funnier in her telling of it. I like her use of different voices. I’m always able to tell who is speaking. She does a great job with all the voices, include the males.