Review: Rough (Chicago Underground Book 1) by Skye Warren

Rough (Chicago Underground Book 1) - Skye Warren

This is another dark and twisted tale from Skye Warren. The story starts off with two high school girls looking at a pregnancy test that is not showing the results that a teenage girl wants to see. When Allie's father storms in and figures out that the test belongs to Allie and not her friend Shelly, he throws her out of the house.


Fast forward two years. Allie is a single mother who doesn't get out on the town very often. Actually, she has a monthly date night. She goes prowling the bars looking for a guy to provide her with what she needs and no commitments. Then she comes across Colin, who looks like he would be fun and rough, exactly the way she likes it. However, Colin has other things in mind.


I thought this was an interesting story. There is the role reversal from the normal. In this story, the girl is the one who wants the one night stand and rough, no emotion sex. The guy is looking for a relationship and family. Don't get me wrong, Colin isn't a nine to five business man and has a dark side, just not in the relationship he wants.


There is also a story around the father of the child, that Allie kept and works her best to keep her safe and happy. At the beginning we, as the readers, are told that Allie was raped by a friend. That was how she ended up pregnant. Even her best friend, Shelly, doesn't know that she was forced. He doesn't know there was ever a child from this night. There are issues when he finds out. Colin is prepared to prevent that from happening.


This was a short story. I think I read in less than two hours. I found it a very interesting story that kept the pages turning for me. The story isn't as dark as the majority of Ms. Warren's stories that I've read, but that didn't make it any less intriguing for me. There is a bit of a cliffhanger ending, so I was really glad that I had the next book ready to start. I plan to dig into it very soon.


ROUGH is a FREE ebook at most major retailers at time of posting.


**Book was provided to me by the author. This review is my opinion and was not requested or provoked in anyway by the author.


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