Review: Hades (Lords of Deliverance #6.5, Demonica #11.5) by Larissa Ione

Hades: A Demonica Novella - Larissa Ione

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I’ve been a big fan of the Demonica series since I picked book one back when there was only three books in the series. I’ve always wanted to learn more about the mohawked jailer of the underworld. He hasn’t had large parts in the previous books. There’s a reason for that. He pissed Azagoth off many, many years ago, so Azagoth keeps him limited to the Inner Sanctum of Sheol-gra. When Hades does appear in the stories, I always felt he made a big impact and was very rememberable.


Cataclysm is a fallen angel. She was kicked out of heaven for helping Gethel try to start the Apocalypse. She now works for Azagoth cleaning his office and what not. She really isn’t very good at it. She constantly breaking things. She has quite the history of making bad decisions, but as a general rule, she wanted to do good things. Even when helping Gethel, she didn’t know what Gethel had planned.


This was another great short story that gives a look into lives of some the secondary characters of a series that I enjoy considerably. You can read these stories whether you’ve read the series or not, though there are spoilers, but you wouldn’t realize it when you read these shorts. They are fun and sexy. There is insta-love in this book, which isn’t my favorite thing, but not didn’t bother me as much as I would’ve thought. My biggest complaint about this story, in the sex scene, Hades actually uses his mohawk on Cat’s different lady bits. This was just not sexy to me in any way. I still enjoyed the story. We are also given a glimpse of what we will be seeing in the next story. I’m glad that I get to keep visiting this world, even if it is only in short bursts.



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