Audiobook Review: The Master (The Game Maker #2) by Kresley Cole

The Master (The Game Maker Series) - Kresley Cole

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I was very excited to get back to the Russians after listening to The Professional last year. I was not disappointed. Maksimilian, Mak, is our Russian billionaire who hires an escort and surprised when a Cuban woman shows up at his hotel. That is not what he ordered.


Catarina, Cat, is Cuban woman who has been cleaning houses while on the run from her husband. Her friend is the escort that was supposed to visit Mak, but had a bad run with Botox.


The sex in this one was a little lighter than the first book. I felt that emotions in this one ran higher. It does have a bit of the Pretty Woman feel to it.



I thought that Kimberly Alexis did another bang up job with this book. I really enjoy her Russian accent. She is great with the passionate love scenes, be it emotional or sexy. Her only downfall, in my opinion, was her Cuban accent. I don’t know any Cuban to hear an actual accent, but it didn’t sound right to me when I compare to what I’ve seen on TV.