Loving the Beast: A Beauty Epilogue by Skye Warren

Loving the Beast: A Beauty Epilogue - Skye Warren

Loving the Beast was a great epilogue to the Beauty series. This series is about Erin and Blake. Erin has been cleaning Blake's house to help pay for her college education. Blake is former military and quite the recluse. He is estranged with his family.


In this book, they have already decided to get married, but they have yet to meet each other's family. Two people from two completely different backgrounds having to meet each other's family is bound to have some challenges. This one more than most. Blake was not aware of the history that his parents have with Erin's mother.

This book is sexy and well written. I love the different aspects of how the couple meets and has to deal with the families. The sex scenes are hot, passionate and darker than in previous books in the series. We get to see Blake and Erin get their happy ending.


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