Review: A Demon and His Psycho (Welcome to Hell, #2) by Eve Langlais

A Demon and His Psycho - Eve Langlais

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I read the first book in this series last summer. I picked it up as a freebie. At the time that I read A Demon and His Witch, I didn’t realize it was a spinoff Eve Langlais’ Princess of Hell series (which I loved and first introduced me to Eve). Lucifer is the same character in both series and we do see characters from the first series in this one.


This book has Lucifer pairing two of his best henchmen together to search for his granddaughter’s pet pink dragon which was stolen. Both our hero, Xaphan, and heroine, Katie, are humans who sold their souls to Lucifer for something while they were still alive. Now they live in Hell and run errands for Lucifer.


Katie is Lucifer’s executioner and she loves her job. She is also a Black Widow. She will kill any man that she sleeps with. Katie is a wackadoodle (sorry, I just love that word and it fits Katie so well).

Mismatched eyes rolled and Katie shook her head at him. “It’s a baby. Like duh. Only adult dragons can fly.”


“Well how was I supposed to know it wasn’t full grown?”


“Because a full grown dragon wouldn’t chew on rocks, silly. Only teething babies do.”


“See, she’s proving to be an asset already,” Lucifer exclaimed, rubbing his hands together. “I knew I making the right choice pairing you up”


“You’re both insane,” he muttered.


“Thank you,” they replied in chorus.

Xaphan sold his soul to Lucifer to protect a woman he loved when he was a living human. He made a vow to her. He was very loyal to her and wouldn’t sleep with anyone but her. He has kept this vow for over 300 years. Then Lucifer forces him to partner with this crazy chick who dresses in a very revealing.


They start off looking like they are worse pair ever. Xaphan is a very controlled guy who always works alone. He also usually works on the mortal plane. Katie is a talker and seems to never stop talking. She is crazy. She spends most of her time going after demons in Hell. She knows all the ins and outs. She is much smarter than she seems.


Lucifer has become quite the matchmaker. He is a favorite character of mine. I really liked him in the Princess of Hell series and I’m still enjoying him in Welcome to Hell. He has great lines about playing golf against his brother, God. He is also dating Mother Nature.


This book is everything you would expect from Eve Langlais if you have ever read her before. I love the characters that she creates. The way that these two characters overcome their differences and pasts to come together. The secondary characters really add to to the story.



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