Audiobook Review: Total Surrender (Sin Brothers #4) by Rebecca Zanetti

Total Surrender (Sin Brothers) - Rebecca Zanetti

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The Sin Brothers has been a whirlwind for me. I won an audiobook of book one last year and I’ve flown through the series very quickly. This series is packed full of adrenaline. I fell in love with all three of the Dean brothers in the first book and really enjoyed getting to know each of them. Reading each of their stories was a real treat. I quickly fell in love with each of the brother’s love interest as well. I love the women, even though the brothers are the main focus of the series. In the fourth and final book, we finally get to meet Jory, the youngest brother. It was well worth the weight.


For the the first three books, Zanetti has led us to believe that there was a very large possibility that Jory is no longer alive. His brothers saw him get shot, and didn’t hear from him again. We start this book with Jory back in the hands of the Commander. He has recently woken up from a two year coma. He has a chip in his neck, set to severe his spine within a week, just like his brothers. The difference, his is damaged and the computers can’t talk to it to deactivate it.


I was very surprised by the heroine, Piper. She is the daughter of the Commander. I can’t believe he has a daughter. She is a genius computer hacker. She was brought in to try to access Jory’s chip. She has a hard time knowing who to trust, her father, who she barely knows, or this prisoner, who she has been told has committed treason.


Total Surrender is a very fast paced story. All the books in this series have been quick, but this one is the fastest pace yet. There are tons of twists and turns, so we never know what is going to happen. Also, Zanetti really took this one to the wire. You really feel like you are holding your breath the entire time. The romance is hot. Jory gives new meaning to sexy.


I felt that the first three books of the series could be read out of order without missing out too much. This one is different, I would read last. I think you would miss something without knowing the full story going into this one. Total Surrender really wraps up the story of the Dean brothers. I will miss my time with the brothers and their females. This is a series that I will revisit again, that is for sure.


Karen White nails the narration of this series. There are a bunch of characters in this final book of the series. Zanetti gives all the characters we’ve met at least a little page time, so White had to keep all the characters straight and clearly defined with each having their own voices. The emotion that is delivered throughout the series is great, but it is ratcheted up several notches in this final story.


I like to thank Hachette Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.