Review: Grizzly Love (Kodiak Point #5) by Eve Langlais

Grizzly Love: Big Bear Romance (Kodiak Point Book 5) - Eve Langlais

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Snarky Paranormal Romance


Travis is the hero of Grizzly Love. He is the cousin of the alpha and a grizzly shifter. He is the youngest hero of the series and is frequently referred to as “the cub” throughout the series. He is the only one of our heros who wasn’t in the military. He desperately wants to be part of the action, but he has an overbearing mother who wants to protect him. Oh, and all the other shifters are scared of his mom and her wooden spoon, including alpha Reid.


Jess is a doctor who is relatively new member to Kodiak Point. She has made a home and friends here. She is married, but her husband went off to war and has yet to come home. Even when he is given leave, he doesn’t come home. She hasn’t seen him in three year. The problem is that Jess is a hawk and they mate for life. She can’t bring herself to truly leave him, even though he has already left her.


When the shifters in Kodiak Point find that villain they’ve been tracking is in the Middle East, not far from where their old unit is stationed, they prepare to leave. Jess insists on going along. She uses the excuse that they will be fighting and need medical care. In truth, she has every intention of confronting her husband. Travis, being a young hothead and really hot on Jess, wasn’t about to be left out.


This is the final book in the Kodiak Point series. It was a good wrap up to the story arc. They finally get to take down the villain, but not without some twists and turns. We also get to see the vast majority of the characters we’ve met along the way. The unlikely pairs of the different shifter types, and even human personalities, added a lot of fun to the series. Grizzly Love was everything we’ve come to expect from the Kodiak Point series. It has action, suspense, sexiness and tons of humor. I will miss all the shifters from Kodiak Point. This is a fun series that I would recommend to people who like a fun, sexy story with some suspense thrown in. Now to determine which series from Eve Langlais to tackle next.

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