Audiobook Review: Vision in Silver (The Others #3) by Anne Bishop

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

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Three major plot threads in Visions in Silver. One, everyone is looking to Meg "the Trailblazer" to figure out how to help the other Cassandra Sangue survive in the outside world. Second, Lizzy, Lieutenant Montgomery's daughter, is found on a train by herself by Nathan. Everyone from Toland is looking for her and her "boo bear". Third, there it the increasing struggle between the others and the Humans First and Last movement. HFL is not only going after the others, but any human branded a "wolf lover", any human that is not willing to fight against the others.



This series has some very outstanding and wide variety of characters.  Meg, our blood profit and friend to the others, is still working to make her way through the outside world.  Simon is still trying to figure out his relationship with Meg. We get to see more of Montgomery and his daughter, who is a very interesting character. The number "non-edible" humans keeps increasing, as much as this drives Simon crazy.


What I loved

This series continues to impress me. It is extremely high on my list of favorite Urban Fantasy series.  While the story is very dark, there are still moments when I find myself chuckling. For example, Meg get very upset with herself when she upsets Nathan.  She hugs him while he was in wolf form and starts balling.


"She cried on me." Nathan said. "I couldn't understand most of what she said, but she cried until my fur was wet." … "There is nothing in my fur is there" Simon gave the other wolf a careful look. "No boogers" "Good, I hate washing boogers out of fur" "Who doesn't? What comes out of human noses are disgusting."



This is a series that I will only listen to on audio. While I wouldn't normally like Alexandra Harris for most Urban Fantasy series, she is perfect for this one.  She really brings out the innocence of Meg. Each character has very distinct voice. Ms. Harris does a great job with each character from the children like Lizzy and Sam, all the way to the adults including the crows with their inquisitiveness, the Sanguinati, elementals and the wolves. She does a great job in pulling out the different personalities of each character. I can't imagine reading instead of listening to this series.

I like to thank Penguin Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.