Audiobook Review: Blind Faith (Sin Brothers #3) by Rebecca Zanetti

Blind Faith - Rebecca Zanetti

I just started this series late last year. It is a romantic suspense series with a hint of paranormal to it. It focuses around a group of brothers who were bred in test tubes and raised on a military base by the Commander who thought of them as nothing but weapons since the day that they were born. The paranormal aspect comes into play because the greay brothers (named for the color of their eyes) have enhanced abilities, such as, supernatural hearing, healing, and focus on little to no sleep. On top of all these genetic upgrades, they’ve have the best military training in the world.


Blind Faith focuses on Nathan, the second oldest of the Dean brothers. The book starts off with a flashback to when they are still children. It was very sweet to see how Nathan not only wanted to give his two younger brothers a happy childhood and memories with of Christmas, while still protecting his older brother from the consequences that the Commander puts on Nathan to have this little piece of happiness.


The heroine of this story is Audrey Madison. She is the daughter of the head psychiatrist for the Commander. She was raised in a loveless relationship with her mother. Raised by nannies, boarding schools and was little more than a curiosity to her mother. She has no idea who her father is. When she was still high school aged, Dr. Madison set Audrey up with Nathan to see how the Grey brothers would respond to love that wasn’t for one another. She just wants to feel wanted by someone for herself.


Blind Faith takes place in Washington D.C. Audrey is working as an aide to a Senator from Wyoming. She was planted there by the Commander, hoping that she could help get funding for the Commander’s projects pushed through the government. The story is full of everything you would expect with secret military groups, politicians, fanatical lobbying groups. There is lots of murder, backstabbing, and secrets. Add in the Dean brothers, and you have a truly exciting story.


While you could read Blind Faith without reading the other two books first, I do think it is great to see the brother grow throughout the series. I’ve really enjoyed watching how each of the brothers have fallen for each of the women in the series. I’m really excited to get to the last book of the series. The final brother of the series is quite a mystery. The audio release of that book can’t come soon enough.



This is the first series that I’ve listened to by Karen White. I’ve heard about her a lot, but she doesn’t do many, PNR or UF books, which is my main genre.


I’ve seen her name come up a bunch on contemporary romances, but they are not high on my list, though I do some here and there. She did a great job with the Sin Brothers series. She did a great job with both male and female characters. I hope to find more books with Karen White as the narrator. I really enjoyed her portrayal of Blind Faith and the other Sin Brothers books.


I would like to thank Hachette Audio for providing me with a listener advance copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.