Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey MovieAre you thinking about going to see Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Personally, I'm not. It is not a genre that I would see, no matter how good of a movie it is. I just don't like romantic comedies or chick flicks. Give me horror, suspense, sci-fi, thrillers or a more snarky comedy any day. I just don't like romance in my movies (with the exception of The Princess Bride, but it isn't a kissing movie, there are pirates and a giant LOL).  


Anyway, if you are interested in this movie, there was an early screening in New York yesterday and there are three reviews that I know of for the movie. I was really surprised to see that these people really enjoyed the movie, one of which is a known "hater" of the books.


I know that a ton of people are very interested in this movie for one reason or another, so I thought I would share these reviews.


Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey *and giveaway*


Mandi saw the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie! And She Liked it!


Are You Curious?: Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Screening Thoughts (SPOILERS!)


Something I will add to this post. Buzzfeed did an article on books that SHOULD be more popular that Fifty Shades of Grey. As I've read several of these, I tend to agree. Series that I've read and really loved:

I will be checking out the other authors.


9 Erotica Books That Should Be More Famous Than “Fifty Shades Of Grey”


Have you thought about seeing the movie? Did these reviews change your opinion about seeing the movie?