Audiobook Review: A Love Untamed (Feral Warriors #7) by Pamela Palmer

A Love Untamed - Pamela Palmer

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A Love Untamed is  the seventh and second to last story in the Feral Warriors series. In this story, we have Kieran, who is now known as Fox. He has joined the elite Feral Warriors during a very turbulent time. The newest Feral Warriors aren’t all that they seem, so the original warriors don’t know who to trust.


Melisande is second in command of the Ilinas who we met in Hunger Untamed. She is a woman who is all warrior with no conscience. She got that way after suffering from terrible abuse. Her lack of feelings was the only way she was able to survive. Fox cracks the ice, but Melisande has to determine if she is willing to go on feeling. It is much harder to do her job when she has feelings.


In this story, Kara is stolen by the mages and tainted ferals. It is up to Fox, Ilinas and the Feral Warriors to find her. They also have to figure out who is tainted and who isn’t. The majority of the story is focused on Fox and Melisande as they fight their way through the many different worlds of the mage trap. There is also a side story with two of the new ferals going off on their own to prove that they aren’t tainted.


This series continues on it’s dark path, as one of the darkest, if not the darkest, paranormal romance series I’ve ever read. The world-building around this darkness is so well developed that you are completely immersed into the dark world that Palmer has created. I can’t wait to see how she plans to wrap up this series.



I was worried that I would have the issue with this narration that I had when Rob Shapiro narrated Hunger Untamed, the other story that featured the Ilinas. In that book, he whispered the female voices, that was not an issue with this book. I continue to think he does a good job with this series. You can always tell which character is the one speaking, which is very important to me. I do listen to this at an increased speed because he does speak a little slow for me, but the increased speed works perfectly, in my opinion


I like to thank Tantor Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.