Wolf's Fall (Alpha Pack #6) by J.D. Tyler

Wolf's Fall: An Alpha Pack Novel - J.D. Tyler

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In this book, we have Nick, the Alpha Pack's alpha.  He is a born wolf, which makes him pretty much immortal.  He is a couple hundred years old.  In a previous book, Nick was taken by vampires and was traumatized when one fed from him. Vampires feeding are quite a sexual experience.  It left him with a case of PTSD and starts the book off in a very bad place in his own head.


Calla is a vampire princess.  She has already lost her mate. She is very understanding of Nick's predicament with his fear of vampires.  Her ability to see past Nick's faults and to work with him, really show what a perfect mate she is for the old Commander.  She isn't the kick ass heroine that I normally look for in a book, but she has some really great traits that endear her all the same.  Even though she isn't a trained warrior, she picks up a gun and helps in the fight.


In this story, the Alpha pack are called to help their new vampire allies with some rogues that are attacking their coven.  It takes a while to figure out how these vampires have the information.  There is mole in the coven or the pack.  There is also some serious motivation to attack.  


This series once again delivers a great story with interesting characters.  Not only do we have shifters, most of which who are werewolves, and vampires, there are also several other species, including the Fae prince who has been exiled from him realm. There is also a new species that is introduced in the series who is playing for the bad guys.


While this is the sixth book in the series, you could read/listen to this one as a stand alone, but probably isn't quite as good as if you had read the whole series.  For those of you familiar with this series, the story takes place mostly at the vampire's coven.  We don't see as much of the characters from the compound.  We do see some of the characters of previous books, but only in a side role.



Normally, I'm not a fan of changing narrators mid-series, however, I think in this case, I won't be complaining.  While I didn't dislike Kirsten Potter, I felt she was an average narrator.  Marguerite Gavin is a way above average narrator.  Her pace and tone are always perfect for the scene.  She does a great job with both male and female voices.  She really brings the story to life. She is a narrator that I've looked at other series based mostly on the fact that she was the narrator.

I like to thank Tantor Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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