Dancing (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #21.5) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Dancing - Laurell K. Hamilton

I really glad I didn't pay the $2.99 for this ebook. It is extremely short. I've read many stories from authors at the same level for only $0.99 and would've paid that for this book. I learned my lesson after the last ebook that was put out for $3 and only 33 pages. Luckily, I was able to get this from my library.


I was looking forward to this story because of Zerbrowski and his wife. They both have very little page time, even though the story takes place at their house. The entire story read as Anita explaining polyamory lifestyle to Zerbrowski. Then they go on to explain the double standard of how people look at men and women. Plus how people look at Nathaniel as a stripper.


While I was reading, I felt like my morals were being judged. I felt like maybe I needed therapy or that maybe this was part of a therapy session.