The Witch with No Name (The Hollows, #13) by Kim Harrison Audiobook Review

The Witch with No Name - Kim Harrison

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4.5 stars for story

4.5 stars for narration

4.5 stars overall


Title: The Witch with No Name (The Hollows 13)

Author: Kim Harrison

Narrator: Marguerite Gavin                                   

Publisher: Harper Audio


Length: 17 hours 28 minutes

Publication: 9/9/14

Genre: UF

Heat Level: Hot


**No Spoilers


I can't believe it is over.  I've been reading this series for the past six plus years.  It was one of the first series I started not long after I really got back into reading a lot.  It will be really weird not having Rachel, Jenks and the gang going forward.  Ending a series can be tough.  I've read several series where I've thought that the ending didn't do the series justice, that was not the case with The Witch with No Name.


Harrison wraps everything up really well.  Throughout the entire series, Rachel has been trying to figure out how to save the undead vampire souls.  That storyline continues into this book.  We learn a lot more about the history of the elves, demons and the war between the two species.  There is also more on surface demons, undead vampires and the Ever After.  All your questions throughout the series are pretty much wrapped up nicely, but not easily.


The vast majority of characters that we've fallen in love with make an appearance in this book, some more than others.  Trent, Jenks, Bis, Ivy and Nina get the most page time.  Newt, Al and even Dali see a good about of time with Rachel, too.  I would've like to spend more time with David.  I always liked him and wanted to see more of him throughout the series.  Even Ellasbeth is back, yuck.  


My one complaint, I wish the last chapter was title "epilogue". It took me a second to figure out what was going on, because there a large jump in the timeline for the last chapter.  It was a small thing, but I would have understood the time jump much quicker with a different chapter title.


This is one of my favorite UF series of all time.  Rachel is a great character, even if she is always in trouble.  Jenks is my FAVORITE secondary character in all Urban Fantasy series.  He really brings so much to the story.  He is loyal, loving and adds tons of comic relief.  He never allowed Rachel to get down on herself.



The narration was great as it has always been.  Marguerite Gavin does a great job with both men and women's voices.  She always shows the proper emotion for the scene she is reading and her pace is perfect.  Once  again, Jenks is my favorite.  She gives him a high-pitched voice of a pixie, but still masculine, which has got to be difficult.  How she can say, "Tinks little pink dildo" with a straight face and in that voice, I'll never know.  I also love Al's voice.  "Motherpussbucket" is another word that is hard for me to say with a straight face.  I'm really glad they have been able to keep her on for the full series (except The Outlaw Demon Wails, which is book six).  I will be looking to see what else Gavin has narrated to see how I like her in other series.