Gravity (Mageri, #4) by Dannika Dark Audiobook Review

Gravity - Dannika Dark

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This series continues to get better and better.  If you read my last review of this series, you saw that I thought book three, while good, felt a little bit like a filler book.  The story didn't really seem to progress much.  That is not the case with book four.  


While we have Silver and Logan's relationship building to ever more levels, a former nemesis of Logan's named Tarek shows up and has revenge on his agenda.  His plan is to take Silver and make her his mate.  He wants to hurt Logan as much as possible.  Since Logan took Tarek's fated mate, because Tarek didn't want her, Tarek feels that taking Logan's love would be great revenge.  He threatens all of Silver's friends if she doesn't comply.


We also have a relationship brewing between Justus and Page, who was Silver's healer.  She is not affected by Justus's gift. As a charmer, women are drawn to him.  He never knows if women truly like them or if it is just his gift.  He finally found someone who he knows likes him and the good news is that he was attracted to her before he figured this out.


We continue to learn more about Silver's heritage. This story also brings Sunny, Knox and Adam back into the story.  Christian, Silver's vampire guard who I love, plays a very large role in this book.  There is tons of happiness, but not without tragedy, so have your tissues ready.


There is one more book in this series before we end the world of Silver and her friends.  This has been a great journey.  I can't wait to see where it ends.  So far, each book has been better that the last.  I'm really hoping that we can end this series with a bang.



Once again, I think Nicole Poole is good choice for this series. She continues to bring forth the emotions of the characters, of which there are many in this story.  Great job with both men and women.  I love her voice of Christian, who has a large part in this book.

I like to thank Tantor Audio for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.